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is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization. With every donation, you will receive a tax-deductible receipt.


a child!

Our children are supported by individual sponsorships that help us give them everything they need to thrive! These sponsorships provide for their living costs (such as food, clothes, basic needs) and educational costs (school fees, uniforms, supplies, etc.). Through the donation button below, you can choose to give one time or monthly. Click the "Child Sponsorship - Living and Educational Costs" option from the drop-down. If you would like to sponsor a specific child, please contact Alana Carmichael at




Randy & Kari Teachout

The Teachout family joined our staff full-time in July of 2018 after spending 9 months at The Pines Christian Care Center in 2015.  Among many other gifts and talents, both Randy and Kari are teachers, which fills a great need at The Pines. Randy serves as the facilities manager, and Kari serves in multiple ways, including education and health care related tasks. Two of their teenage daughters, Kaitlyn and Kelsey, live with them at The Pines and are a great addition to our team as well!



Lovemore is one of our young men that grew up out The Pines. His desire is to be a pastor to the community of Welkom. He completed an internship at Welkom Baptist Church, and received a scholarship for Faith Baptist Bible College in Ankeny, Iowa. He is currently attending this school. If you would like to give towards his tuition for school, click the button below and from the drop-down, select "Lovemore's Tuition". He recently made a video update of his experience so far in the states, you can see that video from the link below!


Our Building Fund!

As we grow, we have continuous building projects on our  hands to expand our property. Currently, we are working on transforming an empty shed into a building with multiple flats. This building project not only takes time, but also can have a hefty price tag. If you would like to support our building fund, click the button below and select the "Building Fund" option from the drop-down.



Our Medical Fund!

At The Pines Christian Care Center, we aim to be prepared for any medical costs that come our way. Sometimes though, the unexpected happens. Through supporting our medical fund, you will be helping us prepare for the unexpected, whether it be a hospital visit, medicine, or anything else that may arise. Click the button below, and in the drop-down, select "Medical Fund".



If you would like your donation to go to something more specific, please feel free to select the "Special Projects - Specify in Comments Below" option, and type in the comment section where you would like your donation to be applied! This could be for Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, outings, special meals, special trips, church-camp costs for the teens, etc. Whatever you would like!


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